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Foundation Repair Warren, MI

You’ve worked hard for your home, and the team at Foundation Restoration works just as hard to ensure your home is protected. One of the biggest nightmares for any homeowner is foundation damage. Damage to the foundation of your home can quickly turn from a minor nuisance into a complete catastrophe. It doesn’t have to though, when you trust the Warren, MI foundation repair experts at Foundation Restoration!

Your home relies on a stable, strong foundation. Any damage to the foundation can threaten the safety and stability of your home. That’s why it’s of paramount importance that you call a foundation repair expert at the first signs of trouble. The sooner you get an inspection of the damage, the easier — and less costly — the final repairs are likely to be! When your Warren, MI home needs foundation repair services you can count on, call on the experts at Foundation Restoration. Financing options are available, so pick up the phone and call today for your free estimate!

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Reliable Foundation Repair with Helical Piers

The main source of foundation damage we see here in the Warren, MI area is unstable soil. When the soil around your home’s foundation is unstable, it causes the ground to shift. That shifting throws off the weight distribution of your foundation, and can put a great amount of stress and strain on the foundation walls.

Over time that uneven weight and stress leads to damage, which, if left unmanaged, can lead to complete foundation failure. How can you avoid that fate? With the installation of helical piers from the team at Foundation Restoration.

Helical piers work by completely bypassing any unstable soil and relying on the solid bedrock below. Large steel rods are strategically placed around the foundation of your home, and then drilled deep into the soil. Steel plates, called helixes, then wedge into the surrounding bedrock to give your home the stability it needs! When you have soil issues around your home, count on the team at Foundation Restoration to provide the foundation repair solution you need!

Signs You Need Foundation Repair in Warren, MI

Foundation repair services can quickly get out of hand and become a major financial burden. At Foundation Restoration, we want to make your foundation repair service as affordable as possible. We offer financing options to help keep those repair manageable. Another way to keep the cost of foundation repair services down is to be able to spot the early warning signs of damage. These early signs include:

  • Leaning chimneys
  • Stuck windows and doors
  • Bowed or leaning walls
  • Cracked floors, walls, or ceilings
  • Uneven or sloped floors

Each of these signs is your home’s way of telling you there’s a problem. Don’t ignore the signs! Call the experts at Foundation Restoration immediately to schedule an inspection of your home’s foundation. If there’s any damage, we’ll uncover it and let you know what the best plan of action for your home is. Call us today to schedule an inspection and receive a free quote.

Comprehensive Foundation Repair Service in Warren, MI

When you want to ensure your home is protected, you want the team at Foundation Restoration. Our crew provides a complete line of foundation repair services that keeps your home protected from top to bottom! Not only do we provide direct foundation repair services, we also provide our customers with outstanding crawl space encapsulationfoundation waterproofingfloor leveling, and foundation crack repair services!

You’ve worked hard to establish your home, let the team at Foundation Restoration make sure your home works hard for you! Call us today to schedule your inspection and receive a free quote. Financing options are available, so don’t hesitate to schedule the repair services your home needs today.


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