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Foundation Repair in Southeast Michigan

Unstable soil conditions play a huge role in the stability of your home’s foundation; while a high moisture content will create hydrostatic pressure and could cause your basement walls to deflect, dry or extremely wet soils can cause your home to settle. The soil’s moisture content directly effects the bearing capacities of the ground your home depends on. The experts at Foundation Restoration specialize in defending your home’s foundation against the forces unstable soil can create. Call us today to schedule an appointment and receive a free quote on your foundation repair needs in Southeast Michigan.


Helical piers are much like a large screw, they are drilled deep into the ground to stable soil that bear the weight of the structure. Once the pier has hit load-bearing strata a bracket is positioned on top of the pier and fastened to the footing. Hydraulic lift cylinders are then installed and the process of lifting the foundation starts. Once the allowed amount of lift has been achieved, the hydraulics are removed. At this point the structure is stable and the piers can be buried. This whole process is generally completed in a few days and comes with a transferable lifetime warranty.


Is your Southeast Michigan foundation in need of repair? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are your windows and or doors sticking? Are they hard to open?
  • Are there gaps in windows and or door frames?
  • Is the plaster or interior walls cracking?
  • Are there nail pops in ceilings and or walls?
  • Do walls lean?
  • Does the chimney tilt?
  • Are there visible cracks in the foundation or basement walls?
  • Is the foundation sinking?
  • Are floors unlevel

If you answer yes to any of these questions, helical piers may be the answer for your home. Contact Foundation Restoration for a free inspection and estimate. With the installation of our strategic force helical pier system, you can look forward to a stable foundation and positive movement to your home’s structure. Cracks and mortar joints will begin to close, windows and doors will open and shut with more ease. While no homeowner wants to hear that their foundation needs repair, our helical pier system is a cost-effective way to repair your foundation quickly and permanently. Once the system is in place, it will be completely out of sight. Meanwhile, you will rest easy knowing your home or commercial building is resting solid on deep, stable soil and any issues with settling or shifting soil are a thing of the past. Contact Foundation Restoration for more information.

Problem Signs

There are many different symptoms of foundation problems and here are a few examples.

Crack Repair

Not all cracks are a structural issue, however, even a small crack can be a big nuisance and allow water to leak into your home. Foundation Restoration uses a high-pressure injection repair, that allows for a permanent solution.

Bowing Wall

Bowing walls are a sure sign that your home's foundation is in trouble. There's no time to waste, as the problem is only going to get worse! Our team specializes in stopping bowing walls in their tracks, so call today to get your free quote! Don't let a bowing wall bring down your home.

Interior Wall Cracks

Cracks in your interior walls generally show up for one of two reasons. Either your home has foundation settlement issues, or the interior supports and beams are failing. The team at Foundation Restoration has the answers for both of these problems!

Stair Step Crack

Stair-step cracks are a sure sign that your home is experiencing foundation settlement. This settlement can affect your entire home and lead to costly repairs if allowed to continue. If you see these cracks, or have stuck windows and doors or uneven floors, call us today!

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