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Foundation Restoration is the premier water mitigation & foundation repair specialists in Oakland County. Our crews have decades of experience working on homes not just in Oakland County, but throughout Southeast Michigan and Northern Ohio, so we are very familiar with different soil types & drainage issues that impact your neighborhood.

Basement Waterproofing - Water damage can have a major impact on your home or business. It only takes a little bit of water to cause major water damage. That damage can lead to a whole host of structural issues for your building & air quality issues in your home.

Foundation Repair - The most common cause of foundation damage boils down to unstable soil conditions causing structures to shift. Whether that’s because of high moisture content or poor soil conditions, this movement throws off the weight distribution of your home, causing potentially catastrophic damage.

Crawlspace Repair - Much of the air you breathe comes from your crawlspace. By reducing moisture, soil gases & mold/mildew you will be improving the overall air quality in your home.

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Foundation repair with heavy equipment
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Repaired basement walls after foundation repair


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    Madison Heights MI Sagging Floor Repair

    Foundation Restoration is a full-service structural repair company that specializes in stabilizing your Michigan home’s floor system with floor leveling services. We repair and/or replace support beams, joists, sill plates, sub flooring, rim joists, and stanchion supports. Damage to your home’s floor system will significantly impact the living space above. Many floor systems have inadequate support. In addition, mold, rot, and water issues can also compromise the floors that support your home.

    How do homes get to this point? One of the largest contributors to sagging floors is rotting floor joists. The joists typically become more susceptible to rot when exposed to moist conditions in a crawlspace that isn't sealed off correctly. This could result from a recent event such as a flood or may have been building up over time with rainfall seeping into the area. If you feel your floor sagging, sloping, or even bouncing, these may be warning signs of rotted floor joists. Along with this, mold and mildew being to form and the smell will start to infiltrate your living space. Encapsulating your crawlspace can help prevent this from happening and minimize damage within your home. Contact Us Today for a free inspection so we can help you identify the issues and come up with a solution for you and your home.

    This home was located in Madison Heights, MI. The customer called us due to the floors in her home being unlevel and the bad odor that was spreading throughout her home. Upon inspection, our field inspector found that all of the floor joists had rotted and were covered in mold. The floor was in such poor condition that it was on the verge of collapsing.

    Madison Heights Rotted Floor
    Madison Heights Mold on Floor Joists

    To fix this, we needed to remove the subfloor to replace all of the floor joists and support beams to stablize the structure. Once the home was stable, we reinstalled the subfloor. In the images above you can see how badly the rot and mold had affected her home. Even though she had owned it for a long period of time, nobody had ever been in the crawlspace to inspect it. This lead to an unhealthy and unsafe living space.

    Not only did we replace the floor joists and the subfloor, but we also encapsulated the crawlspace. Along with the added benefits that come with crawlspace encapsulation such as cleaner air, energy savings, and reduction of smell, this was a large part of the measures we took to ensure that this home would never experience these problems again. As seen in the photos below, the floor looks much more stable and able to prevent moisture from entering the space.

    The professionals at Foundation Restoration are able to lift your home's floors with minimal-to-no disruption to the living space above. If you're currently experiencing structural issues, don't wait to call! Contact us today at 877-625-3379 for a free estimate. Or fill out our contact form and we'll come take a look at no charge to you.


    Foundation Restoration offers innovative products to protect your Michigan home from foundation issues


    At Foundation Restoration, our team has six different solutions to handle your bowing and leaning wall issues. Depending on the severity of the damage, lifetime transferable warranties may be available.


    Foundation Settlement

    Foundation settlement issues require an EXPERT solution. That’s exactly what you get with Foundation Restoration. Our industry-leading knowledge and unique experience will provide permanent results!


    Floor Settlement

    When the structural integrity has been compromised, trust Foundation Restoration! Our team offers full-service structural repair solutions to fix the damage that’s been done and prevent further damage.



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