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For years people would insulate their floor joist with fiberglass bedding insulation. This approach saw very little benefit to homes. Cold air would transfer around the batting and find areas to enter the home. In addition, most furnaces are down flow forced air. Down flow forced air is when your furnace heats the air and pushes it downward into the crawlspace ductwork before being pushed back up into the house. In most cases, this ductwork is metal and combating the cold temperatures in the crawlspace. As a result, the air that your furnace heats, gets cooled down drastically before being pushed back into the living space. Your crawlspace plays a large part in keeping your home warm. By encapsulating the crawlspace it will make your home a more comfortable and efficient environment.

Need More Reasons to Insulate Your Crawlspace?

The concept of insulating a crawlspace is to keep the cold air out of your entire home. Not only will this make your home more comfortable, it can help save you money. A good crawlspace can help cut energy costs by up to 40% and includes tax credits. Over the years people have received tax credits for installing insulation in their crawlspaces. More can be read about how you can get these tax credits here.

What Goes Into Crawlspace Insulation?

When insulating a crawlspace, we use a 2” foam board with a foiled backing around the perimeter of your crawl. This type of foam creates a thermal break much like an oven mitt when you’re picking up a hot pan. In addition, the foam has a zero perm rating. This means zero air or moisture can transfer through it, much like an igloo cooler. We then spray foam any and all air gaps above the foundation. This helps with bugs and pest, eliminating their access into the home. Once the spray foam is dry, we then install R30 fiberglass insulation in the joist cavities around the perimeter of the crawlspace. The last step in the encapsulation process is to line the floor with our moisture shield liner. Our liner is 90 mils thick and has a zero perm rating as well. Along with this, we also do customized sealed crawlspace doors.

After we've completed encapsulaton projects, we've received great feedback from our customers. Customers have told us they've experienced lower energy bills, consistent heat throughout the house, warmer floors, no musty odors, and no bugs or pest. Encapsulating your crawlspace also preserves the wood that supports your home much like vinyl siding preserves your home from the outside elements. Our crawlspace insulation services will help keep your home dry and protected from the harmful effects of water damage. It only takes a small crack for you to have a major problem on your hands! Call Foundation Restoration today to schedule an appointment. Call now and we’ll give you a free estimate on your crawlspace insulation services.


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    Crawlspace Insulation Solutions in Michigan

    Sump pump system

    Sump pumps are often the most important factor in keeping your basement dry. At Foundation Restoration we offer cutting edge sump pump systems that include 24/7 monitoring and real-time performance data along with backup systems for power outages. Leaving you to REST when Mother Nature is giving her best.



    Model 1850 and 1852 Keeping the relative humidity under 60% is important for your family’s health. Mold, mildew and allergens thrive in high humidity. The Superior Air System is a commercial grade dehumidifier that takes 95 pints of water out of the air per day! Leaving your home healthy and dry!


    Floor Settlement

    There are several ways the structural integrity of your house can be compromised. The most common are: unstable soil, excessive moisture, rotted wood, and under engineered floor systems. Foundation Restoration offers full service structural repair that not only correct these issues, but will stabilize and help prevent further damage to your home.



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