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Leaking Crack Repair

Leaking Crack Repair in Southeast Michigan

$700 per Leaking Crack Repair

Foundation Restoration offers a hassle-free same-day inspection and leaking crack repair services across Southeast Michigan.  Our high-pressure polyurethane injection is the most effective method in the industry, delivering permanent results with no maintenance.

Unlike low-pressure crack injections that just cover the surface of the wall and often times fail and leak again, our high-pressure injections penetrate and spreads throughout the entire crack from the interior of your basement to the exterior of the wall.  Foundation Restoration offers a lifetime warranty on high-pressure crack injections. Call us today to schedule your service.

Why You Need to Repair Leaking Wall Cracks

You may think that a wall crack is something you can live with, but more often than not it’s an issue that should be addressed immediately. It’s especially important to address if the wall crack is leaking and allowing water into your home. If left unaddressed, the leaking crack could turn into costly water damage repair services. Stop the issue before it starts with leaking crack repair services from Foundation Restoration.

When your Southeast Michigan home has a leaking crack in need of repair, we are the name to know. Our crew has the knowledge and experience you need to keep your home safe and dry. Our low-pressure crack injection method doesn’t simply put a bandage over the issue, we provide a permanent fix that you can count on!

Cracks in your walls can often-times indicate larger problems — particularly issues with your foundation. If you see cracks in your walls that are letting in water, call Foundation Restoration immediately. We’ll get you scheduled for repair services, and also schedule an inspection to find any major underlying issues. Call us today and get a free quote on all your service needs.

The Southeast Michigan Leaking Crack Repair Experts

Don’t let a crack in the wall of your home lead to devastating water damage and costly repairs. When you need service you can count on, turn to the team at Foundation Restoration. Our leaking crack repair experts are available throughout a large portion of South Michigan and Northwest Ohio, including:

Head over to our service area page for a full list of metro areas and communities we serve. Then give us a call to schedule your appointment and receive a free quote on service.