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Foundation Restoration is the premier water mitigation & foundation repair specialists in Lenawee County. Our crews have decades of experience working on homes not just in Lenawee County, but throughout Southeast Michigan and Northern Ohio, so we are very familiar with different soil types & drainage issues that impact your neighborhood.

Basement Waterproofing - Water damage can have a major impact on your home or business. It only takes a little bit of water to cause major water damage. That damage can lead to a whole host of structural issues for your building & air quality issues in your home.

Foundation Repair - The most common cause of foundation damage boils down to unstable soil conditions causing structures to shift. Whether that’s because of high moisture content or poor soil conditions, this movement throws off the weight distribution of your home, causing potentially catastrophic damage.

Crawlspace Repair - Much of the air you breathe comes from your crawlspace. By reducing moisture, soil gases & mold/mildew you will be improving the overall air quality in your home.

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Foundation repair with heavy equipment
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Repaired basement walls after foundation repair


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    Adrian MI Foundation Repair

    Wall deflections and failures can end up being a huge issue in your home. As you'll see in this first case, the damage can take a huge toll on your home and turn into even larger problems. Whether the wall is bowing in or has even failed and collasped, there's no need to worry with us. The professionals at Foundation Restoration are one of the very few foundation companies that will rebuild foundation walls that have failed.

    One of the tools we use when fixing wall issues is Active Force Wall Anchors. Anchors are one of the most effective methods of addressing wall deflection permanently. This solution provides a form of active resistance and has the ability to move the wall back into its original state with little to no disruption to your home or property. In most cases, the installation process can be completed in one day.

    This home was located in Adrian, MI and the homeowner had called us after one of their walls had collapsed in their basement after a big storm. Along with this, they were worried that the other walls in their basement would soon follow. This was good intuition on their part as the home was quite old and was built in the late 1800's.

    Adrian Foundation Repair Collasped Wall
    Adrian Foundation Repair Wall Broken

    The ground in the surrounding area was saturated and heavy. This, along with the age and condition of the walls, created an environment where wall failure was bound to happen. The lateral load created by these conditons is why the wall collasped, as seen above. To fix this, we rebuilt the wall that had collasped and installed the earth anchors on each of the remaining walls. Our Active Force wall anchors would reinforce the walls and make sure that they didn't share the same fate as the failed wall.

    In the end we were able to fully construct the failed wall and support the other 3 walls to ensure that they would stand strong going forward. The wall anchors that we install come with a lifetime warranty. If you want to get your foundation in great condition then call Foundation Restoration today at 877-625-3379 for a free estimate. Or fill out our contact form and we'll come take a look at no charge to you.

    Adrian Wall Repair Inside Completion
    Adrian Wall Repair Outside Bearing View


    Foundation Restoration offers innovative products to protect your Michigan home from foundation issues


    At Foundation Restoration, our team has six different solutions to handle your bowing and leaning wall issues. Depending on the severity of the damage, lifetime transferable warranties may be available.


    Foundation Settlement

    Foundation settlement issues require an EXPERT solution. That’s exactly what you get with Foundation Restoration. Our industry-leading knowledge and unique experience will provide permanent results!


    Floor Settlement

    When the structural integrity has been compromised, trust Foundation Restoration! Our team offers full-service structural repair solutions to fix the damage that’s been done and prevent further damage.



    You can rest when you call the best,
    Foundation Restoration