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Crawlspace Encapsulation

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Southeast Michigan

Dank, Damp, Musty, Moldy Crawl Space? Then Your Southeast Michigan Home Needs Crawlspace Encapsulation

As warm air rises, cool air from the crawlspace is sucked into the living areas of your home. This is called the “stack effect”, it’s the same way a chimney works. This, combined with other factors, means a significant amount of the air you breathe actually came from your crawlspace. By reducing moisture, soil gases, mold, mildew and improving the overall air quality in your crawlspace, the air you breathe in your home will be cleaner and healthier. When your Southeast Michigan home needs crawlspace encapsulation services, turn to the experts at Foundation Restoration.

Molds produce allergens, irritants, and potentially toxic substances. Mold is present in every home, as well as outdoors, but without moisture, it cannot grow to harmful levels.

A dirt/stone crawlspace is by far the #1 source of moisture in any home, letting in gallons of water each day in the form of water vapor. The MOISTURE SHIELD system will eliminate this source of moisture and help get rid of musty smells from mold and mildew.  Mold and dust mites must have excessive humidity to survive.

Your main weapon against dust mites in your home is controlled humidity levels. The MOISTURE SHIELD system will seal out moisture from your crawlspace and give your home a healthy conditioned environment your family deserves!  In addition, the MOISTURE SHIELD with the insulation package will provide warmer floors and lower energy bills with savings up to 40%. A dry, warm, and healthy home is a happy home. Call Foundation Restoration today to schedule your appointment and keep your home safe!

Crawlspace Encapsulation Across Southeast Michigan

The team at Foundation Restoration provides high-quality, affordable crawlspace encapsulation services across the greater Detroit metro area and all throughout Southeast Michigan and into Northwest Ohio. Our team is available in:

For a full list of the areas we serve, head over to our service area page. Then call Foundation Restoration today to schedule your service and receive a free quote.

The Moisture Shield Difference

Signs You Need Crawlspace Encapsulation in Southeast Michigan

There are many different symptoms of a failing drainage system here are a few examples.

Wet Or Damp Crawlspace

A wet or damp crawlspace is detrimental to your home and family’s health. Wet crawlspaces with a relative humidity (RH) level over 60% will support mold growth. If the relative humidity exceeds 90%, the wood that supports your home will begin to rot. Even without standing water these humidity levels can be very easily reached. Sealing your home off from the damp ground is the answer!

Water Mitigation

Rainfall will seek the lowest point of your property which is often the ground in your crawlspace. Even with the proper grading and gutter systems, water can find its way into your crawlspace. The professionals at Foundation Restoration are experts at crawlspace sump pumps and drainage systems.

Wood Damage

The humidity levels in your crawlspace directly affect the condition of the wood that supports your home. When the moisture content in beams and floor joist exceed 20% they start to warp and decay. If the moisture content exceeds 28% the integrity of the wood becomes compromised and will rot. These moisture levels will result in costly repairs that could be avoided.

Sloping Floors

Rotted or warped beams and floor joist along with inadequate supports are the leading causes of sloping and unlevel floors. Foundation Restoration specializes in stabilizing and lifting your home’s floors. We repair beams, joist, stanchion supports, sill plates, rim joist and subfloors.

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