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Foundation Restoration is the premier water mitigation & foundation repair specialists in Huron County. Our crews have decades of experience working on homes not just in Huron County, but throughout Southeast Michigan and Northern Ohio, so we are very familiar with different soil types & drainage issues that impact your neighborhood.

Basement Waterproofing - Water damage can have a major impact on your home or business. It only takes a little bit of water to cause major water damage. That damage can lead to a whole host of structural issues for your building & air quality issues in your home.

Foundation Repair - The most common cause of foundation damage boils down to unstable soil conditions causing structures to shift. Whether that’s because of high moisture content or poor soil conditions, this movement throws off the weight distribution of your home, causing potentially catastrophic damage.

Crawlspace Repair - Much of the air you breathe comes from your crawlspace. By reducing moisture, soil gases & mold/mildew you will be improving the overall air quality in your home.

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Foundation repair with heavy equipment
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Repaired basement walls after foundation repair


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    Chesterfield MI Foundation Repair

    Have you heard someone say “Oh, that’s just the house settling?” Of course you have! Many people don’t think twice about foundation settlement, but it can have devastating impacts on your Michigan home. When your foundation settles, it often-times settles in uneven ways that throws off the delicate balance of your home. This ultimately kleads to structural damage that will need to be repaired quickly, before it has a chance to spread and affect your whole home.

    The solution to this is installing Helical Piers. Helical piers are one of the most common solutions for foundation settlement issues in Michigan. Helical piers are large steel screws that are a permanent solution to provide your home’s foundation with the stability it needs.

    How do Helical Piers work? Helcial Piers are steel screws that are strategically placed around the foundation of your home. Then, with hydraulics, they are drilled deep into the soil to bypass any unstable soil and get to the stable strata beneath. Once stable soil has been found, a bracket is mounted on top of the pier and the lifting process begins. When the proper amount of lift has been achieved, the hydraulics are removed.

    This home was located in Chesterfield on Ramblewood Drive. The owner purchased the home for a very low price due to the structural issues, with the intent to resell. This home was severely structurally compromised. The rear half of the house had sunk 4”!!! The brick had been tuckpointed numerous times without addressing the cause of the issue. Becuase of this the home continued to sink and desparately needed a repair.

    Macomb Foundation Repair Sinking House
    Macomb House Sinking before Foundation Repair

    Due to the settlement the brick was in such poor condition the homeowner had it removed prior to us making the repair to the foundation. The basement walls had large cracks due to the settlement and started to deflect inward 2.5”. This is difficult to grab in an image but we were able to lift the house the full 4” and move the walls back to plumb. The customer couldn’t be happier and said he would refer us to all of the investors he works with.

    Having foundational problems? Call Foundation Restoration today at 877-625-3379 for a free estimate or fill out our contact form and we'll come take a look at no charge to you.

    Macomb County Lifted House Foundation Repair
    Macomb Lifted House Method

    Macomb MI Bowing Walls Repair

    Wall deflection can be a very serious issue. Walls that are fractured and moving inward will continue to move and sometimes even break down unless something is done to counteract this movement. The professionals at Foundation Restoration are one of the very few foundation companies that will rebuild foundation walls that have failed.

    This project took place on Millstone Drive in Macomb. Before coming to us, the customer had several companies inspect the foundation. None of the companies were able to give an answer as to what was happening or why the basement wall was compromised and pushing inward. The basement wall in question was at the back of the attached garage. With the garage roof shedding the water away from this wall, typically, the foundation would not be subject to hydrostatic pressure.

    Generally, when the basement walls deflecting, it is due to hydrostatic pressure exerting lateral loads on the wall. That was not the case with this home in Macomb. The Issue here was caused by Street Creep. Street creep is when homes are on the outside of a curve or turn in the road and when cars drive by and make the curve or turn, lateral pressure from the road forces the driveway into the house, through the garage and to the basement wall. Not only was our field inspector able to assess the issue, he was also able to come up with a permanent solution for the home.

    Macomb Bowing Wall
    Street Creep Example

    The solution involved a couple different types of wall braces as well as cutting large expansion joints in the driveway to alleviate the force of the vehicles driving around the curve. By implementing this we were able to fix the wall deflection and provide a permanent solution for the customer.

    Foundation Restoration is not a "one size fits all" company. We offer five different methods of repair that will allow you to avoid a costly and invasive undertaking foundation rebuild. Most of these repairs come with a transferable warranty. When you're in need of wall repair in count on the team at Foundation Restoration. Call us today at 877-625-3379 for a free estimate or fill out our contact form and we'll come take a look at no charge to you.

    Macomb Bowing Wall Fixed
    Fixed Macomb Bowing Wall


    Foundation Restoration offers innovative products to protect your Michigan home from foundation issues


    At Foundation Restoration, our team has six different solutions to handle your bowing and leaning wall issues. Depending on the severity of the damage, lifetime transferable warranties may be available.


    Foundation Settlement

    Foundation settlement issues require an EXPERT solution. That’s exactly what you get with Foundation Restoration. Our industry-leading knowledge and unique experience will provide permanent results!


    Floor Settlement

    When the structural integrity has been compromised, trust Foundation Restoration! Our team offers full-service structural repair solutions to fix the damage that’s been done and prevent further damage.



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