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Sloping/Unlevel Floors

Unlevel Floors? Then Your Southeast Michigan Home Needs Floor Leveling Services!

Foundation Restoration is a full-service structural repair company that specializes in stabilizing your Southeast Michigan home’s floor system with floor leveling services. We repair and/or replace support beams, joists, sill plates, sub flooring, rim joists, and stanchion supports.

Damage to your home’s floor system will significantly impact the living space above. Many floor systems have inadequate support. In addition, mold, rot, and water issues can also compromise the floors that support your home.

Soil settlement can also impact the supports that hold the framework. The professionals at Foundation Restoration have the experience to lift your home’s floors with minimal-to-no disruption to the living space above. If you’re experiencing a structural problem at your home, we can help! Foundation Restoration’s proven solutions deliver peace of mind that you have called the PROs.

Don’t trust your floor leveling services in Southeast Michigan to just anyone. When you need quality you can count on, you need Foundation Restoration. Call us today to schedule your service. We are available in Canton, Warren, Plymouth, Van Buren Township, and beyond. See our service area page to find a full list of areas.

When your floor begins to sag or slope and your floors are uneven, the value of your home goes down with it. The Correct Force support jacks are the answer.

  • Levels and stabilizes existing support beams and floor joist.
  • Minimal disturbance to crawlspace or surrounding property.
  • No messy concrete or lengthy cure time required.
  • Professional installation by certified Foundation Restoration
  • Heavy duty steel column can support vertical loads greater than 60,000 pounds
  • Excavation and installation typically completed in one day
  • Compacted crushed stone base effectively transfers load to existing soils