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The Highest Rated Foundation Company around is servicing Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio! With over 130 5-star reviews and a perfect 5.0 rating on Google, Foundation Restoration's customers can speak to the quality of our work.


Wall deflection can be a very serious issue. Walls that are fractured and moving inward will continue to move unless something is done to counteract this movement. The professionals at Foundation Restoration are one of the very few foundation companies that will rebuild foundation walls that have failed. We are your wall repair experts in Michigan!

This costly expense can be permanently avoided if caught in time and can be repaired with alternative bracing. For wall repair services you can trust in Michigan, come to the team at Foundation Restoration. Call today for a free estimate on your service.

Foundation Restoration is not a “one size fits all” company. We offer five different methods of repair that will allow you to avoid a costly and invasive undertaking foundation rebuild. Most of these repairs come with a transferable warranty. When you’re in need of wall repair in Warren, Toledo, Sterling Heights, or anywhere in Michigan and Northern Ohio, count on the team at Foundation Restoration.


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    There are many different symptoms of a failing drainage system here are a few examples.


    Leaning and tipping walls are more common with poured concrete walls, however, it occurs with cinder block walls as well. A leaning wall is when the top of the wall begins moving inward. Foundation Restoration offers four solutions.


    A bowing wall is the most common way a block foundation begins to fail. This is when the wall has a lateral fracture near the center and appears to be bulging inward. Contact Foundation Restoration to day to help you solve your bowed wall problem.


    A shearing wall is when a row of cinder block begins to slide off of the row beneath it. Generally shearing is noticed near the base of the wall. Very few methods of repair will address shearing, however, Foundation Restoration has the solution.


    Stair step cracking is a result of hydrostatic pressure creating excessive lateral loads on the wall. As the structural integrity becomes further compromised, the wall will break away creating stair step cracking.


    Foundation Restoration offers innovative services to protect your Michigan home from bowing or leaning walls.

    Correct Force Wall Anchors

    Correct Force Wall Anchors are one of the most effective methods of addressing wall deflection permanently. This solution provides a form of active resistance and has the ability to move the wall back into its original state with little to no disruption to your home or property. In most cases, the installation process can be completed in one day.

    Sampson Braces

    Sampson Braces are a great alternative to anchoring systems when the property does not have enough easement or there are obstructions in the way. These braces are a permanent solution to effectively give your wall the strength it needs. In most cases, the installation process can be completed in one day.

    Correct Force C-Channel Anchors

    Correct Force C-Channel Anchors work just like standard anchors, however, they have the ability to address walls with a higher level of severity. They are fastened to the floor at the bottom of the wall to combat wall shearing when the bottom block has moved. Correct Force C-Channel Anchors are a form of active resistance that can be tightened to achieve positive movement. Correct Force C-Channel Anchors are a permanent solution. In most cases, the installation process can be completed in one day.

    Carbon Fiber Straps

    Carbon Fiber Straps are effective for walls with less severity and work well in cases where there’s not much room to make the repair. Five times stronger than steel, carbon fiber straps are a method of passive resistance that does not allow positive movement. In most cases, the installation process can be completed in one day.

    Correct Force Helical Anchors

    Correct Force Helical Anchors are an alternative to standard wall anchors. They provide active resistance with no excavation needed. When there is exterior obstacles preventing the ability to excavate, this method provides a permanent, less invasive solution to wall deflection with the option to tighten to achieve positive movement.


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