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Foundation Restoration is the premier water mitigation & foundation repair specialists in Monroe County. Our crews have decades of experience working on homes not just in Monroe County, but throughout Southeast Michigan and Northern Ohio, so we are very familiar with different soil types & drainage issues that impact your neighborhood.

Basement Waterproofing - Water damage can have a major impact on your home or business. It only takes a little bit of water to cause major water damage. That damage can lead to a whole host of structural issues for your building & air quality issues in your home.

Foundation Repair - The most common cause of foundation damage boils down to unstable soil conditions causing structures to shift. Whether that’s because of high moisture content or poor soil conditions, this movement throws off the weight distribution of your home, causing potentially catastrophic damage.

Crawlspace Repair - Much of the air you breathe comes from your crawlspace. By reducing moisture, soil gases & mold/mildew you will be improving the overall air quality in your home.

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Foundation repair with heavy equipment
More foundation repair with heavy equipment
Repaired basement walls after foundation repair


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    Monroe MI Crawlspace Encapsulation and Drainage System

    As warm air rises, cool air from the crawlspace is sucked into the living areas of your home. This is called the “stack effect”, similar to the way a chimney works. This, combined with other factors, means a significant amount of the air you breathe actually came from your crawlspace. By reducing moisture, soil gases, mold, mildew and improving the overall air quality in your crawlspace, the air you breathe in your home will be cleaner and healthier.

    If a crawlspace is untreated and takes water damage over time, the moisture will allow mold to grow extensively. Molds produce allergens, irritants, and potentially toxic substances. Without moisture, mold will be unable to grow to harmful levels.

    This home was located in Detroit Beach, a neighborhood in Monroe. and the homeowner had requested that we perform a crawlspace encampsulation and install a drainage system.

    Monroe Crawlspace Encapsulation Completed Job
    Monroe Crawlspace Encapsulation Completed Job

    Compared to homes in other Michigan counties, Monroe County is an area of Michigan that has a moderate flood risk. With this risk comes more of a day-to-day worry of damage and water entry to you home. More about Monroe's flood risk can be found here. Along with this, we know that rainfall will seek the lowest point of your property which is often the ground in your crawlspace. Even with the proper grading and gutter systems, water can find its way in.

    Due to this we knew that the crawlspace encapsulation would need to be able to withstand high water levels that would occur often and not allow any moisutre to contaminate the crawlspace. With Mositure Shield technology and Wall Shield Insulation, the encapsulation process ensures that your crawlspace will be waterproofed efficiently and eliminate risk of water damage in your crawlspace. The pictures above show the completed job and a clean crawlspace, providing a space that would allow cleaner air to continuously flow throughout the home.

    Some time after we had performed the encapsulation, the neighborhood had experienced a flood as seen in the pictures below. Not only the customer's house but the entire neighborhood had temporarily gone underwater, yet throughout all of this the newly encapsulated crawlspace stayed completely dry.

    If you want to make sure you're prepared for the worst then call Foundation Restoration today at 877-625-3379 for a free estimate. Or fill out our contact form and we'll come take a look at no charge to you.

    Monroe MI Flooded Neighborhood and Crawlspace Stays Dry
    Monroe MI Yard Flooded and Crawlspace Stays Dry


    Foundation Restoration Offers Quality Crawlspace Encapsulation Services in Michigan

    Sump Pump System

    Sump pumps are often the most important factor in keeping your basement dry. At Foundation Restoration we offer cutting edge sump pump systems that include 24/7 monitoring and real-time performance data along with backup systems for power outages. Leaving you to REST when Mother Nature is giving her best.



    Model 1850 and 1852 Keeping the relative humidity under 60% is important for your family’s health. Mold, mildew and allergens thrive in high humidity. The Superior Air System is a commercial grade dehumidifier that takes 95 pints of water out of the air per day! Leaving your home healthy and dry!


    Floor Settlement

    When the structural integrity has been compromised, trust Foundation Restoration! Our team offers full-service structural repair solutions to fix the damage that’s been done and prevent further damage.



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