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Foundation Repair Inkster, MI

Foundation repair is serious business. A small issue with the foundation of your home can turn into catastrophe quickly. When you need foundation repair services you can trust in Inkster, MI, come to the experts at Foundation Restoration. Our crew has more than 50 years of experience providing high-quality, affordable foundation repair service throughout the entire eastern Michigan region.

With that kind of experience, you can rest assured that our crew has seen it all. No matter what surprises are lurking within the foundation of your home, our team has the answer! Your home is the most important investment you’ll make. Ensure it’s properly protected from the ground up with Foundation Restoration. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get a free quote on your repair needs.

How Foundation Damage Happens

Foundation damage occurs when the soil around your home becomes unstable and moves. That movement can cause damage in one of two ways: The first is the soil around your foundation moving, putting strain on the walls of your foundation and causing bowing or buckling.

The second is the soil beneath your foundation shifting, which causes your foundation to settle and can throw off the weight distribution balance of your home. That imbalance can cause major issues throughout the entire home!

Make sure your home is properly supported today. One call to Foundation Restoration is all it takes to get the high-quality foundation repair services you need. Schedule an appointment today and we’ll get you set up with a thorough inspection. If our inspection uncovers damage, we’ll come up with a customized plan of action. Call today to schedule your appointment and save your home!

Spot the Damage Early

One of the best things you can do for your home is spotting foundation damage early, before it has a chance to spread. Early detection is the key to keeping your foundation repair services manageable and affordable. In order to spot foundation damage early, you need to know some of the common warning signs lurking around your home. If you spot any of these, call Foundation Restoration immediately:

  • Sloped or uneven floors
  • Cracked flooring
  • Leaning chimneys
  • Bowed or leaning walls
  • Cracked walls or ceilings
  • Stuck doors or windows
  • Large gaps around window or door frames

All of these signal that something could be seriously wrong with the foundation of your home. At the first signs of trouble, schedule an appointment with Foundation Restoration. Call today to get scheduled and receive a free estimate. Financing options are available, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone!

Trust Foundation Restoration with Your Foundation Repair in Inkster, MI

Ensuring the safety and stability of your home’s foundation isn’t a responsibility we take lightly at Foundation Restoration. We are completely dedicated to giving your home the best service possible. Our highly-skilled team has years of experience and has developed a reputation throughout Inkster, MI and all of Eastern Michigan for foundation repair service that exceeds expectations.

Foundation Restoration takes care of your home from the ground up, with a comprehensive line of foundation repair services, including: foundation repair, crawl space repair and encapsulation, sloped floor repair, foundation waterproofing, foundation crack repair, bowed or leaning wall repair, and more. Call us toady to schedule an appointment and receive a free quote!