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Foundation Repair

Quality Foundation Repair For The Homes of Michigan

At Foundation Restoration our crew specializes in providing long-lasting foundation repair service for the homes of Michigan. Many first time homeowners do not realize the important role an effective foundation system is to the structural integrity of the house. When your foundation is crumbling, the rest of the house will also feel the effects.

Unlike other foundation repair companies in the area, our team is skilled and equipped to handle interior and exterior repairs. Every home comes with a different set of problems and often those issues stem from the foundation. Our foundation repair crew can quickly assess the state of decay to determine the best course of action.

When to Call for Foundation Repair

Although most people do not often think about the foundation of their homes, the effects of a faulty foundation are everywhere. Here are some common problems that can be fixed with foundation repairs:

  • Masonry cracks– this is caused by foundation settlement. When you start to notice stair-like crack patterns on your walls, your foundation needs repair.
  • Titling Chimney– If your home has a chimney that is out of alignment, this is caused by shifting soil underneath. Our team can correct this and any damages your chimney acquired while it was tilting.
  • Sticking doors and windows– its not uncommon for doors and windows to stick a little bit in the summer heat but when they are consistently difficult to open, this is due to the foundation changing the structure of your house.
  • Wall cracks throughout the house– a couple of cracks are normal as a house settles but when they start to show up in all the rooms, especially around the windows and doors, this is usually an indicator that the foundation needs repair.
  • Unlevel floors– uneven floors are typical in older homes of Michigan but should not be ignored. Always best to call in an expert to assess if more proactive measures should be taken.


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    The Foundation Repair Process

    One of the best ways to repair your foundation is by utilizing the services of a professional foundation repair company. While caulking cracks may be a quick fix, the effects will be temporary. Our team of experts can let you know what the best course of action is to restore your home’s foundation. One of the ways we often do this is with helical piers.

    Helical piers are much like a large screw, they are drilled deep into stabilized soil. Once the pier has been positioned a bracket is placed on top of the pier and fastened to the footing. Hydraulic lift cylinders are then installed and the process of lifting the foundation starts. Once the allowed amount of lift has been achieved, the hydraulics are removed.

    At this point the structure is stable and the piers can be buried. This whole process is generally completed in a few days and comes with a transferable lifetime warranty.

    What Causes Foundation Damage?

    Most of the time foundation repairs are part of the maintenance that comes with owning an older home. However, there are some other factors that can cause premature deterioration:

    Sand-rich soils- not ground in Michigan are created equal. Parts of the state that are close to bodies of water often contain soil with high sand content. Instead of being absorbed like typical soil, water can easily slip through the sand and make its way into a foundation.

    Clay-rich soils- foundations that are constructed on soils that are high in clay content have the most potential for foundation failure. When the clay absorbs water it will expand, causing everything around it to shift. When soil shifts so does your foundation.

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    Are you ready to improve the value of your home by restoring its structural integrity? Then the time is now to call Foundation Restoration. Our team strives for customer satisfaction with jobs we take on. From the time of the estimate to the finishing touches, we are with you every step of the way. Get in touch with us today to learn more!


    Ask yourself the following questions:
    • Are your windows and or doors sticking? Are they hard to open?
    • Are there gaps in windows and or door frames?
    • Is the plaster or interior walls cracking?
    • Are there nail pops in ceilings and or walls?
    • Do walls lean?
    • Does the chimney tilt?
    • Are there visible cracks in the foundation or basement walls?
    • Is the foundation sinking?
    • Are floors unlevel?

    If you answer yes to any of these questions, helical piers may be the answer to your Michigan home’s foundation settlement issues. Contact Foundation Restoration for a free inspection and estimate. With helical pier installation from our experienced team, you’ll begin to see improvement in your home right away! Those cracks will begin to close, your windows and doors will open more easily, and the overall look and feel of your home will get back to pre-damage condition.

    Foundation settlement issues are something that no homeowner has to face. In a perfect world, none would! However, the soil in Michigan is far from perfect, and that’s where the team at Foundation Restoration comes in! Our helical pier system is a cost-effective way for you to repair the damage quickly and, more importantly, permanently. Get the solid foundation your home or business needs today with one call to the experts at Foundation Restoration. Call us today for more information and a free quote.


    There are many different symptoms of foundation problems and here are a few examples.


    Not all cracks are a structural issue, however, even a small crack can be a big nuisance and allow water to leak into your home. Foundation Restoration uses a high-pressure injection repair, that allows for a permanent solution.


    Bowing walls are a sure sign that your home’s foundation is in trouble. There’s no time to waste, as the problem is only going to get worse! Our team specializes in stopping bowing walls in their tracks, so call today to get your free quote!


    Cracks in your interior walls generally show up for one of two reasons. Either your home has foundation settlement issues, or the interior supports and beams are failing. The team at Foundation Restoration has the answers for both of these problems!


    Stair-step cracks are a sure sign that your home is experiencing foundation settlement. This settlement can affect your entire home and lead to costly repairs if allowed to continue. If you see these cracks, or have stuck windows and doors or uneven floors, call us today!


    Foundation Restoration offers innovative products to protect your Michigan home from foundation issues


    Foundation Restoration offers 6 solutions for bowing and leaning walls. Depending on the type of wall and the severity of deflection, many of these solutions come with a transferable lifetime warranty.


    Foundation Settlement

    Don’t trust just anyone to fix the foundation settlement issues your home has. Turn to the EXPERTS at Foundation Restoration. We have industry-leading solutions and knowledge that goes beyond the other guys!


    Floor Settlement

    A number of factors can contribute to your home becoming structurally compromised. The most common include unstable soil, excessive moisture, wood rot, and poorly engineered floor systems. Foundation Restoration has the answer for all these issues!



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