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Rockwood, MI

Foundation Repair Rockwood, MI

Most people dream of owning their own home, but foundation damage can quickly turn that dream into a nightmare. When you need a high-quality team to provide foundation repair services you can trust in Rockwood, MI, you need the team at Foundation Restoration. Our crew has decades of experience and can handle just about anything your home can throw at us!

Foundation damage is a complex issue, and there’s no one solution that works for every home. That’s why it’s so important to have a foundation repair expert give your home a thorough inspection before starting repair services. With a proper inspection, we can determine the exact cause of the foundation damage and come up with the right plan of action for your home!

With a number of different foundation repair methods at our disposal, we’re the best company to keep your home safe and sturdy! When you want the best for your home, you want Foundation Restoration. Call us today for a free quote and to schedule an inspection for your property.

Foundation Repair Methods in Rockwood, MI

The best foundation repair companies understand that what’s best for one home may not be best for the next. Foundation damage has a number of different causes, and all of those causes have different repair methods that work best. Often times the best foundation repair method for your home is a combination of two or more repair methods.

That’s why the team at Foundation Restoration has a number of different, high-quality foundation repair methods we can turn to. Some of our repair methods include:

  • Carbon fiber straps
  • Wall anchors
  • Sampson braces
  • Floor supports
  • Helical anchors
  • Helical piers

Make sure your Rockwood, MI home is getting complete protection against foundation damage with the foundation repair experts at Foundation Restoration. Call now to schedule your service. Financing options are available, so don’t put off the service your home needs to stay safe and sturdy.

Helical Piers for Foundation Repair in Rockwood, MI

One of the most common issues we see here in the Rockwood, MI area is homes built on soil that isn’t sufficient to support the foundation. When this happens, the answer is foundation repair service with helical piers. These piers give us the option of giving your home a safe, solid foundation when the soil beneath is anything but.

How does it work, you ask? Well, helical piers are large steel rods with protrusions — called helixes — at various points along the shaft. When these rods are drilled deep into the soil, they completely bypass the unstable soil and go down to the hard bedrock beneath. That’s where the helixes wedge into the bedrock around them, providing your home with anchor points that aren’t going anywhere!

Once the proper depth has been reached, your home is hydraulicly lifted to the proper height and now has a foundation that should stand the test of time! If the soil around your home is unstable, call the team at Foundation Restoration today for foundation repair with helical piers. Call now for a free quote!

We are More than Just Foundation Repair

Foundation repair services are the meat-and-potatoes of what we do here at Foundation Restoration, but it’s far from the only service we offer. Our crews are available to keep your entire home protected from damage in a number of different ways. Some of our other services include:

No matter what your home needs to stay safe, you can count on the team at Foundation Restoration. Call us today and keep your home protected against foundation damage! Free quotes are available, so don’t delay!