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Belleville, MI

Foundation Restoration Services in Belleville, MI

Your home is the foundation of your life. Ensure that it has a solid foundation of its own with the foundation repair experts at Foundation Restoration. Our team has the experience and training you need when your Belleville, MI home has suffered foundation damage and needs high-quality foundation repair service.

Call our team today to schedule an inspection for your property. If our knowledgeable crew finds any damage, we’ll come up with a plan right away to address the issue and get your home back to a healthy condition. We have a number of financing options to help keep your foundation repair services affordable. Don’t put off the repairs your home needs any longer. Call Foundation Restoration today and save your home!

Know the Signs of Foundation Damage

The key to keeping your foundation repair service affordable is stopping foundation damage before it becomes extensive. The earlier you spot the signs of foundation damage, the easier and less expensive repairs are. So what should you be looking for in your home? Here are some of the most common signs of foundation damage:

  • Bowed walls
  • Leaning chimneys
  • Cracked floors or walls
  • Ceiling cracks
  • Stuck windows or doors
  • Sloped or uneven floors
  • Gaps near window and/or door frames

If you see any of these around your home, it’s time to call a foundation repair expert like the team at Foundation Restoration. Our crew will give your home a thorough inspection to not only find the damage, but discover the underlying cause. Once our team has determined what’s causing your foundation damage, we can come up with a plan that fits your home’s needs and your budget. Call us today to schedule your appointment and get the foundation repair services your home needs!

Our Foundation Repair Methods

The most common cause of foundation damage boils down to unstable soil conditions. Whether that’s because of high moisture content or poor soil conditions, it all results in your foundation moving in unpredictable ways. This movement throws off the weight distribution of your home, causing potentially catastrophic damage.

The best way to solve this problem is to bypass unstable soil entirely! If your home’s foundation damage is being caused by unstable soil beneath the foundation, the answer could be helical piers from the team at Foundation Restoration. Our helical piers function like large screws that go deep into the soil, past the unstable area, into solid, load-bearing soil. Once suitable soil is found, hydraulics are installed to lift your foundation.

After the proper amount of lift has been achieved, your home will have reached a stability point and the hydraulics can be removed and piers buried. This whole process only takes a couple of days. Our goal is to have as little disruption to your normal life as possible! All helical pier installation comes with a fully-transferable warranty. Call us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Complete Foundation Repair Service in Belleville, MI

At Foundation Restoration, our number one goal is to ensure that your home has a safe, stable foundation to rest upon. We offer a complete line of foundation repair services, including:

At the first signs of trouble, call the foundation repair experts at Foundation Restoration. Be sure to ask about our financing options to help keep your repairs affordable. Don’t put off foundation repair services any longer!